Thursday, June 28, 2012


I don't often write about daboyz...not specifics anyway.  They are grown ups and have the right to privacy, not that they are all that interesting anyway.  But, there are some uninteresting things about them that I just love and today, I'm feeling so blessed and proud of them that I'm gonna break with tradition and talk about them.
I love that they are greater than the sum of the Mr. and I.  When the differences between us irritate me, I can pause and see how difference can also mean balance.  I am less tolerant than Dean and they've learned great kindness and gentleness from him.  He is less confrontational than me and they've learned to have confidence in their convicitions and strength to stand on their own principles from me.
I love that Jay as a single young man grocery shops and is learning to cook, and to cook healthy.  On Friday night, when he usually eats with us, we were at the Aretha Franklin concert.  Most guys would've driven through McDonalds.  He stopped at the store picked up a steak and some green beans and grilled himself dinner for one. 
I love that Mac sits outside in the backyard with a cup of coffee instead of in front of the television.
I love that Jay still comes to family holidays instead of going to his girlfriend's family.  I know that will end someday, but it will forever be a credit to his heart that he was not quick to do so.
I love that Mac calls me from work to ask me to make pinto beans and pilaf for his dinner.
I love that Jay rock climbs and Mac plays basketball with the mentally ill.
I love that Jay kisses my parents when he sees them and Mac was frustrated at missing my dad's West Virginia trip.
I love that when we can't reach one of them and the other one calls, they pick up.
I love that they talk all day long on the phone.
I love that Mac finds the neighbor's radios infuriating.  I love that Jay went out of his way to come by and lock his dad's car while we were out.

Basically, I love daboyz.


Pat said...

Me too.

Trish said...

Daboyz be Damen now! What sweet them!