Friday, June 08, 2012

Home & feeling so-so

I'm off on a short medical, hopefully back to work on Monday.  I spent Wednesday night in the hospital after going to the emergency room with abdominal pain, nausea & vomiting (aka abd pain/n/v for those nurses out there!) After 24 hours in the hospital, all tests were negative and  I was discharged.  That's good news; nothing identified and bad news;  nothing solved.  I'm not feeling great at the moment.  I am on a  liquid diet for 24 hours and then advancing my diet slowly over three days.  If I can't tolerate it without abd pain/n/v, it's back for endoscopy.  My pain level is much much lower but then again, I've rested my gut and had pain meds.  Right now I'm uncomfortable so I wonder how I'll tolerate advancing my diet?  With prayer is my only answer!
Strangely, I know of two other women dealing with similar symptoms, one in Alabama and one in Texas.  My doctors in the hospital said their best guess at the moment was "some kind of gastritis, gastroenteritis, food borne perhaps?"  Having not eaten anything the rest of my family didn't eat, that seems least likely but who knows?  Something women are more susceptible to?  Some strain of flu just now rearing its head?  My friend in Alabama had a recurrence two weeks after her initial round and the young lady in Texas has been sick for weeks and continues to have nausea and vomiting even after having her gallbladder removed.  By the way, the symptoms are very gallbladder like.  Even after a negative ultrasound the docs were so certain they did a HIDA scan, with surprising results...perfect gallbladder function. 
So I'm home drinking my meals and trusting God that the pain will not only not increase, it will disappear.  With such similar experiences and paucity of answers amongst others, I am even more reluctant to head back in for more tests.  IV morphine was the only real relief I got and somehow I don't think that's a realistic solution in the long-term! 
Well, enough of that!  That's the update in my world.  As is usually the next best step, I'm going to stick to "clean" food, clear liquids and just plain old fashioned common sense healthy choices and the best remedy of all, give it to the Lord.
So raise your glass of clear liquid & have a great Friday!

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Mrs. Mac said...

If I lived closer I'd be bringing you the cleanest food :) I pray you are up and raring to go soon.