Saturday, May 04, 2013

Clean eatin'

1.  Making steel cut oats with Boysenberry syrup for breakfast.
2.  Can you believe the Mr. is actually cooperating?
3.  P.S. can you believe, without any portion control or calorie counting, the Mr. has lost 5 pounds with clean-eating this week plus low intensity work outs a few days?
4.  Jay picked up an infusion pitcher for me, love it.
5.  I also love how empty my fridge and cabinets are, that's because the fruits and veggies and good stuff has been all eaten up.
6.  Speaking of number 4, I'm making lemon orange blueberry water today.
7.  Also making black bean salsa.
8.  Spring time, by the way, is a great time to start this project.
9.  Last Friday we ate lunch at the Eagle Tavern in Greenfield Village-everything prepared the way it was in 1851=clean eating!
10.  A new burger place just opened about 10 minutes away, organic and all natural ingredients...perfect timing :)!home/mainPage


Pat said...

That new burger place sounds great! The world needs more like that.
Good for all of you on your clean eating. Carry on!

Mrs. Mac said...

Sounds like a good program :) Glad the Mr. is getting on board. I'm eying a backyard with beautiful dandelions thinking about using a few of the greens in a salad tonight .. or adding a few in my tea.

donna said...

it's a wonderful life...this clean eating.