Saturday, May 11, 2013

Deep thoughts~

1.  Remember when our bed frame cracked?  And I wanted to buy an iron bed for $250 and the Mr. refused?   Yeah, he just paid $200 to have the one cracked bed rail replaced. 
2.  I am occasionally posting clean eating thoughts on my second blog, Better Things, link at right.
3.  What happens when you spend a year and a half growing your hair out?  You become obsessed with...cutting your hair off!
4.  Can I tell you how lovely it is to order a sundress online and know it will fit?
5.  My friend at work planted red, white and blue hydrangeas in her yard.  Now I'm obsessed with planting red, white and blue hydrangeas in my yard and cannot find red hydrangeas.
6.  I feel a deep need to make peach milk shakes and serve them in mason jars.
7.  My eyes have been so allergy-y that I can't even read at night!
8.  Who wants to see The Great Gatsby?  Me too!
9.  We are in a season specific to the Mitten, it's called-Pack your sweaters into a tote but leave them in your bedroom 'cause you're still gonna need 'em.
10.  Fast food restaurant workers in Detroit are striking and picketing demanding their wages increase to $15/hour-seriously?

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