Monday, May 06, 2013

The weekend

Last year
What a glorious weekend we had here in The Mitten!  Our weather is rarely perfect, but on Saturday and Sunday, heaven smiled down and we got a taste of warm but not hot sunshiney crisp Spring time.  It was so amazing, even I went out to do yard work!  Actually, I always do yard work but I didn't complain! 
Saturday was spent doing housework and meal prep for the week but with all of the windows thrown open it's a pleasure to shine and polish room by room.  After months of being closed up you could almost hear the house breathe in the breezes.
The Mr. did our grocery shopping including stopping at the farmer's market for fresh veggies and produce.  AND, hang on to your hats, he did not purchase any pop!  Well, that might not be so earth shattering to you but for daboyz and me, it was downright remarkable.  In fact, while he was gone, we talked about whether he'd bring home more of the diet pop we're begging him to quit.  Last week he didn't restock but still had quite a bit left in the house so this week he was completely out of not only pop but the bottled artificially sweetened tea he likes.  We were shocked when he brought in his bags and lo and behold, no cases of prepackaged drinks!  I have fruit infused water and agave sweetened iced tea in pitchers but the poor guy, he just can't make the switch yet.  Before long, he had found some powdered lemonade mix (artificially sweetened) so he made a pitcher of that.  Now we're in another countdown, when the lemonade mix is gone...then what?  We don't have a lot of excitement around here. 
Just as interesting as the prior paragraph, there is so much more room in the fridge without the entire bottom shelf being reserved for pop and iced tea!  Which was wonderful since we had so much more produce to put away.  Also, evidence we need more excitement.
Sunday was Cinco de Mayo so after being up early for devotional and prayer, it was time to take those black beans that had been soaking all day Saturday and turn them into black bean soup for lunch.  The Mr. & daboyz went to a movie and then to pick up a freezer from my mom and dad so I spent some time cleaning up the "house side" of our yard (in my mind, our yard is divided into the house side and farm side-don't ask.)  I cleaned up around the patio, raked out the corners, pulled some weeds and cleared out the dried branches of perennials so the fresh green leaves can push through.  I planted ornamental grass on our berm and I thought I thought I thought it was perennial but it doesn't look like it's coming back.  I read that you should trim it back and it will fill in again, so I did.  We'll see.  I even stalked around the neighborhood to see what people did with their ornamental grass :)  If it isn't greening up in a few weeks, we'll yank it out and try again.  I did the back porch clean up as well, which I wait for every year.  Now my bistro table is cleaned and set up and the perfect place for morning coffee and evening iced tea.  In the next few weeks it'll be time to pick up some annuals and a few more perennials to continue building our beds.  Our berry patch isn't producing anything yet, seems like the strawberries should be starting. 
We wrapped up Sunday evening, after our taco dinner, with a fire on the patio and homemade blueberry milkshakes (served in wine glasses for smaller portions.)  I was fast asleep before 10 and the Mr. joined me shortly after.  Around midnight, we heard howling from the back porch.  Apparently, Donny had fallen asleep outside and we'd forgotten to bring him in!  He did not appreciate waking up in the dead of night with the doors locked and no one inviting him to bed properly. 
In case you're wondering (now that you know about our beverage stock, refrigerator space and dog,)  it is amazing to me how much easier things like yard work are since my surgery.  My goodness!  My back didn't ache while I was working, I wasn't sweating below my bra, I was stronger and had more stamina.  Something as simple as raking would've been very difficult for me but it was a joy to be able to work around the yard without being winded, sweaty and aching between my shoulder blades.  I cannot say enough about how wonderful this surgery is.
So, how as your weekend?

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