Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hey now, I'm an all star...

How are ya?
I'm ok, only want a baked potato for dinner.  Weird. So, I had a baked potato for dinner.
Tomorrow I have a vacation day for a doctor's appointment and then I'm gettin' my hairs did.
It's also supposed to be 80 F tomorrow!  I might wear flip flops.  Or may not, we'll see.
Speaking of shoes, daboyz gave me navy blue Chucks for Mother's Day, so I will probably wear those because they're so groovy.
So here's something weird.  We had the family over for Mother's Day.  The party plates and such (you know, stuff you only use when you have large crowds?) it's all on my kitchen table.  I've asked Mac to put it away.  He doesn't know where any of it belongs.  I've asked the Mr. to put it away.  He doesn't know where any of it belongs.  I'm staring at it and I'm thinking, where does all of this stuff belong?  Maybe tomorrow it'll come to me.
I think I'll get an inch or so off my hair.  I can't decide whether to grow my bangs out. 
I'm gonna drink my coffee on the back porch tomorrow.  You should come by.
My sister gave me a forsythia for Mother's Day!
Yay forsythia!
Mac is seriously considering working at Children's Hospital when he graduates.  Shew, that is amazing to me. 
Well, I don't really have anything else to say. Just thought I'd drop in and let you know what's going on around here. 
What's going on around there?

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Pat said...

We should do something between your hair cut and Dr. appointment, like sit on your porch and drink coffee..I'd like mine iced.