Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wisdoms from me~

I fear I'm turning into one of those people.  Those People.  You know us, the ones who are always fussin'?  Fussin' about too much television, get outside, turn down that dadburn music, when I was a kid, how much does that cost? and a personal favorite, "I could make that at home!"
When other people are Those People, it's obnoxious  I'm glad to report that when I am one of Those People, I'm just imparting wisdom into the world.
Allow me to enlighten...
When the news is hitting its third loop of the same stories, turn it off.  As for the television in general, if there is not a show you want or need to see specifically, TURN IT OFF. Do not channel surf until you can find something tolerable. 
If you'd like to listen to music, please do!  I love music.  Here are some of my personal methods of enjoying music:  radio inside my house, in my car, Ipod or even in my yard played at such as volume so that I can hear it but the rest of the world doesn't.  Unacceptable?  Blasting your music in your backyard loudly enough so that you can hear it over your lawn mower.  Also unacceptable, having a party and blasting your music after 10 p.m.  Or before 10 p.m. for that matter. 
There is stuff outside worth experiencing.  Fresh air, birdsong, grass under your feet.  When you are hanging about inside and the weather is lovely, consider taking your current activity outside.  Many things can be done outside such as reading, praying, meditating, napping or even doing light yard work for a bit of exercise and to beautify your space.  Unacceptable outside activities including the loud enjoyment of music, drunken revelry or nudity in any form unless you have 4 legs and a lot of fur or 2 legs and many feathers.
Just because it is inexpensive, it doesn't need to be purchased and eaten.  This week we, in the Smith House, have resisted 31 cent iced coffee, $8 deep dish pizza, 39 cent White Castle Hamburgers and 2 for 1 Whopper Juniors. 
Well, that's about all I have to share at the moment.  I could go on but you shouldn't just sit at a computer trying to think of things to say when you could be sitting on your back porch admiring God's blue skies. 
Over & out.


Debra said...

Hi Sara! Thanks for liking my post at Facebook today. I like yours, too. :)

Since people nowadays don't like being told what to do (and since, as adults, we shouldn't need to be told), I advocate suggesting folks following grace. And letting peace 'be the umpire'.

Sometimes Grace wants us to stay indoors. To watch the news, to lay around like a slug. If that was Grace's idea? We'll have peace. (And if we tell people to go outside when Grace is leading them inside, people will rightfully be offended.)

Of course, other times Grace leads us outside and if we obey her timing? We'll find peace out there, even if everybody else is inside doing 'important things.'

This is why I very seldom use the word 'should' in my blog. Instead, I try to show others how I live my life and then let them decide for themselves if they'd like to live similarly. I like to fling ideas out there in case others need some new ideas for themselves.

But I would never tell anybody "you should do things the way I do them." Why not? Because each of us needs to be free to follow our own God-given grace... and to learn our own lessons from God.

At least, that's how I see it... and that's what finally, years ago, calmed me down, relaxed me from decades of trying to make the world behave the way I see best. I was raised to attempt that huge, impossible job, but I saw the devastating physical results in the ones who raised me. And I want better for myself.

God is good! Blessings, Debra

Sara said...

Debra-never fear, this entire post was tongue in cheek :)

Debra said...

Aw, I know... I think I left this comment for anyone who thinks there's nothing wrong with bossing the world around. And trust me, I've met many of those people! (They make my stomach hurt. heh.) :) Blessings, Debra

Pat said...

You sound like your mother and grandmother..they must have been awesome women!

Mrs. Mac said...

I just turned off the TV cuz the news was on the third loop ;) .. which is so annoying .. especially when the news is three or four days old.