Sunday, November 17, 2013

A hand full of blessings~

The meatloaf is in the oven and the green beans are simmering on the stove.  Scalloped potatoes will round out our comfort food dinner.  I have one more load of laundry, towels.  Mac's girl Susan is doing her homework on the couch next to her guy who is watching football.  I'm on the other couch next to my guy who is also watching football.
Just another plain old Sunday afternoon, and I love it.
Actually, we just got home around 12:30 after a long weekend in Traverse City celebrating (belatedly) our 27th wedding anniversary.  Or, as the Mr. says, our 31st anniversary of going steady, which is November 19, 1982.  We stayed in a beautiful suite overlooking the bay on Lake Michigan, we had a fireplace and Jacuzzi...the works!  It was wonderful and yet, this is wonderful too.  Would you think I'm strange if I said it is even more wonderful?  Last night, Dean said, "Wouldn't it be perfect if we could just live here forever?" And my answer was, that I love my life in my little house.  I didn't always, mind you.  But now, I am beyond content.  So when it's time to load up the suitcase and head home, I'm just as excited as I was to pack up and head out.  On the four hour drive back to Dearborn, we listened to Christmas music (my idea,) and pretended the rainy sky was snowing (at least I did.)  We talked about the shopping we need to do for the holidays.  And I decided upon meatloaf for dinner.   It just sounded homey.
Tomorrow morning, I shall enjoy a cup of coffee in my new coffee cup with a cardinal on it.  This, I look forward to much more than you'd think.
It's time to check on that meatloaf and relax over dinner.
My blessings overflow, like raindrops in my hand.

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