Tuesday, November 12, 2013


In one of my favorite series of books (The Mitford books by Jan Karon,)  the characters often describe simple blessings as "a consolation."  As in, a roaring fire on a chilly evening...a consolation.  The recitation of a Psalm, the beauty of  a garden, the company of a loyal dog...consolation.   Consolation simply means comfort, a kindness, something that eases a person's heart after a disappointment or even simply a difficult day.  I've been thinking about the love of God and the role we play in one another's lives, that of consolation.

In marriage, for instance, the love of our spouse is a consolation.  The same of friendship and of simple acts of kindness.  God's love is ever-present and his grace is all sufficient and yet; sometimes the touch of another person is such consolation.  The other side of the coin is that when we fail one another, God's love and grace is the sweet consolation that enables us to forgive and give our hearts to a new day.  We are meant to be the representatives of God in the earth.  Most of the time, we know this and we do our best to fulfill that calling.  In different ways, we console and comfort.  Some of us are outgoing and energetic; always ready to give of our time and our company to others.  Some are quieter, praying quietly and sending cards that are like the very voice of God spoken just in time.  Maybe we make cookies, maybe we help with physical chores...there are endless ways we embody the Lord to those who need the touch of flesh.

And then; there are times when only the consoling presence of the Holy Spirit can carry us through.  It's when I fail to reach out beyond the limited abilities of man to seek his perfect comfort that I lose heart.  In my deepest hurt, I need to close myself in with Jesus and let him fill my spirit with grace and peace.  If not, those wounds would quickly become filled with scars of bitterness and hopelessness.  How often do we fail to recognize the very basic need of our mortal hearts?  Lord, let me love them in spite of the pain.  Jesus, wash away this agony and give me your heart of forgiveness.  Save me, rescue me from this solitary place of pain.

God will never spare us entirely those days of darkness and desperation, it is in those moments that the wise become fully aware that he is all there is and he is fully sufficient.  For myself, I want to be so dependent on him that I instinctively rush to his side for the consolation that only he can give.  But I also want to always remember what it feels like to be hurt to my core so that, I will be a willing vessel to bring consolation to those who haven't yet learned the fullness of the Lord's love.


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