Sunday, November 10, 2013

Four gifts

While I am a firm believer in maintaining the holidays within a reasonable time period; I admit that it's taking all of the self-discipline in my little heart to delay Operation Christmas Decorations.  That's part of the fun of it, waiting waiting waiting.
On the other hand, there are those who dread the holidays.  On FB, someone posted something along the lines of "Give me a break from the Christmas decorations and music, let's make it through Thanksgiving first." There were lots of amens in the comments of that particular post.  I don't really disagree but it got me thinking about people who feel overwhelmed and uninspired where the holiday season is concerned.  I've been that person.  Sure, I've always enjoyed the beauty of decorations and lights.  But stresses come along with the season as well.  Money, expectations, time and maybe just not being that person who seems to do it all beautifully.  Another dear friend posts pictures of these cookies she makes that make me ashamed to serve the lumpy bumpy oatmeal raisins that come out of my oven!  So I thought, maybe we could put our heads together and share our amazing decorations and recipes but also; ways to make the season wonderful and perhaps, a little easier if you aren't Martha Stewart with a money tree growing in your own personal Christmas garden.
I'll start with an idea I mentioned in yesterday's  The Mr. is from the school of buy all you can with every penny you have until the stores close.  Bless his heart, this comes from wanting to recreate his own happy childhood Christmases for our kids.  But seriously, the result is year after year of items that are never looked at again once they are opened on Christmas morning.  Last year I cleaned under Mac's bed and found Christmas gifts of Jay's that he simply never took home and never missed. This year, we're following an idea I saw on the internet (where, I don't recall.)  Four gifts, four categories...
Something I want; something I need; something to wear; something to read.
Mac asked that his something to read be replaced with something to eat, dork!
I thought this was brilliant!  Believe me, if one of us needed a pile of 20 gifts, we'd make it happen.  But we're blessed, we don't need, well, anything!  Isn't that wonderful?  Four gifts.
What I really love are the conversations that are happening around this idea.  For instance, Mac's something I need?  Pens and pencils for school.  I don't know why but that blessed my heart, so simple and sweet.  Everyone is making a list with the four categories and mind and we've identified a total budget.  That's another great thing about the idea, you can do it for $20 or $2,000.  You can shop in a dollar store or a department store.
Ideas for something to read if you have nonreaders in your life?  Recipes or cookbooks; inspirational quotes or Wallwords; a coffee cup with something fun on it or even a letter telling them what they mean to you.  Of course, a Bible is always a great gift-even for those who don't read as a hobby.  A fridge magnet!  Text books for college students.  A Bronner's name ornament.  Then again, for those Readers amongst us; the possibilities are endless. Especially for children, what a great way to start a library!
Something to wear could be a mink coat or a pair of mittens.
Although I doubt the Mr. would've cooperated, I kind of wish we'd done this since the kids were small.
And if you aren't quite ready to let go of the mountain of gifts, this is also a cool idea for stocking stuffers.
Four gifts-no more, no less.
Love it.


Becky said...

love this! thanks, sara!!!

Margie said...

I know someone else doing this, I thought it was brilliant