Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas doin's (and a slight head cold)

1.  Got our Christmas decorations done yesterday.
2.  Worth all of the hard work to awaken this morning to Christmas trees and holly!
3.  Think I'm coming down with a slight case of creeping crud, blah.
4.  Flannel reindeer sheets on our bed, snuggly and  sweet sleeping for us!
5.  I love the fact that when I dramatically informed the Mr., "I can't bear white lights on the tree, I need big old fashioned color lights!!"  (literally, this what I said,)  he calmly took off the white lights and changed them to big old fashioned color lights.
6.  I'm hoping he has the same attitude when I send him back up to the attic to fetch the nativity.
7.  Tomorrow we're gathering again at my mom and dad's to deck their halls.  Love family time, love the holidays.  
8.  Next Saturday Mac, Susan, the Mr. and I are attending the work Christmas party; mainly as an excuse for the very girly Susan to dress up. I see Spanx in my future. 
9.  Did anybody else catch the Lady Gaga with the Muppets on Thursday?  Makes me sad that we're blurring the lines between wholesome and, well, Lady Gaga.
10.  We put our Christmas tree in a new spot this year.  Usually it's back in a the corner where you really can't see the bottom very well.  I love pictures of big old farm houses with Christmas trees in the kitchen so this is my attempt at the enjoying the tree top to bottom and sort of having a tree in the kitchen. 
Poor quality camera phone pic, but you get the idea.  

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