Sunday, November 24, 2013

Let the festivities begin!

I'm so happy this week is here!  The holidays will officially start on Thursday.  Actually, for me they will start on Wednesday because I'm working Monday and Tuesday only.  On Wednesday I'm staying home to chip chip chop (as my Grandma Trent used to say.)  Translated, that means chop and prep and cook and bake.  My mom is hosting Thanksgiving at the Trent House.  We were assigned pies for dessert so I'll be making coconut cream with meringue and Nantucket cranberry pie (a Pioneer Woman recipe.)  I'm also making a pan of sausage dressing and roasted root vegetables to add to the feast.  That takes us to Friday when...
Christmas decorations time arrives!  We'll take the harvest decorations off of the Thanksgiving tree and deck the halls.  I have about half of my gifts purchased so the trees will be just in time for the wrapped packages.
On Sunday, we're gathering again to decorate my parent's house for the holidays.  I have a feeling the next seven days will be flying by.
Now it's your turn, what's happening in your home this Thanksgiving week?


Elizabeth said...

I will be busy this week also. I will be hosting dinner,as always for about 14. I will clean house tomorrow and get out the glassware and dishes that I will use. Tuesday I will do the baking.Wednesday I will start the chopping!

Pat said...

I always think of your Grandma chip, chip, chop, chopping, I miss her!