Friday, November 29, 2013

It's the most wonderful time~

Finally!  The Christmas Season is officially here!  The Mr. and I are sitting in front of the fire feeling entirely over-fed and abundantly blessed.  Mac is still asleep, he works afternoons today.  Jay, our banker (LOL) is working today.  So that leaves Dean and I to begin decking our halls!  This is always done the Friday after Thanksgiving but this is the first year that I can remember that I'm home to participate.  I even got flannel reindeer sheets for the beds!  Yesterday, the first holiday since 2007 that I wasn't on-call for work (or at work,)  was just too lovely to adequately describe.  Peaceful would be the best word, I believe.
Another cup of coffee and maybe an English muffin and it'll be time to remove the Thanksgiving decorations from the front tree and take down the Autumn leaves and put away the pumpkins and pilgrims.
No Black Friday shopping.  I can't even imagine it, I don't like shopping on any color other day!  Most of my shopping is done online and is one of the few technological advancements in life that I don't regret.
So there's a fine chance that, should you drop by our house today, you'll find me still in pajamas and pony tail drinking endless cups of Starbuck's Holiday Blend from my new cardinals-in-a-Christmas tree cup.  If we're extra efficient, I might even get a few gifts wrapped!
Where ever you are today, stay safe and remember to enjoy the celebration of God with us.  If it starts to feel like work, take a break and let the truth of the Christ Child restore your joy.

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