Saturday, November 02, 2013

Rambling thoughts on a Saturday morning~

(Not, not mine.  But how cute is this?)
1.  Trying to talk the Mr. in to putting up our smaller tree and decorating it for Thanksgiving.
2.  Remembering a kid in a special ed class that I used to work with who said, "Thanksforgiving."  Ha!
3.  Got my housework done yesterday, just need to sweep the floor this morning.
4.  Making a pot of the Olive Garden soup that's showing up on everyone's FB.  The Mr. made it while I was recovering from surgery last year, it's soooo good.
5.  I'm planning on starting my Christmas shopping next week, things are going to be seriously scaled down this year with my new income and that's ok.
6.  Last week we had to postpone going out to dinner for our anniversary because the Mr. wasn't feeling well, might try again this evening.
7.  I ordered red and green plaid curtains for my bathroom for Christmas and they arrived yesterday; so cute!
8.  Also on the weekend's menu, a batch of Snicker Doodles.
9.  I love my little house, but I'd love it more with a bigger bathroom and larger closets.
10.  I also love early mornings when I'm the only one awake.


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a8383 said...

That Thanksgiving tree is adorable- you go ahead! Will you share the soup recipe? Can't have too many soups in the fall. Off to make lentil- vegetable soup and biscuits! Angela