Friday, June 25, 2010


The air conditioning is finally off! It's been running around the clock for two days with steamy hot weather and a Mr. who works in a hot factory all day and wants the house cool. But this morning the temperature is 56 degrees and I just walked through the house opening all the windows. Mr. Ben Baily on the Fox 2 News says it will be about 83 degrees today. I could keep the air off altogether but I've got a suspicion Dean will have it back on this evening.
After today I've got four work days next week and we'll be on the road for Up North. That means a week of almost-cold mornings on the porch swing with a blanket and a cup of coffee while everyone else sleeps. It also means reading in bed at night with crisp breezes blowing in the windows and the sounds of the Mr. & Daboyz staying up late. We are ready. Lumberjack breakfasts, comfortable clothes and campfires at night are what 4th of July week is all about.
This morning is a little bit like an Up North morning and it puts me in a good mood. I'm ready for the day. It's Dean's last day working at Auto Alliance where he's been for 23 years, since his first day as an automotive worker. The guys are giving him a potluck lunch. I may just go out to lunch myself today.
Wherever your Friday takes you, for heaven's sake, turn off the air conditioning and enjoy the fresh summer air!


Pat said...

My air conditioner is off too, and I'm so glad!
Enjoy your cottage time, and don't forget to take the bag of clean linens up with you!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Glad your air is off. We've had such humidity (unusual) here. Is Dean retiring? Have a good relaxing time up north .. you deserve it. Love those crisp sheet mornings too!