Sunday, June 06, 2010

I am Natasha (in a Russian accent)

It's been just about a week since I de-Facedbooked myself. I have missed it a little bit. But just a little bit, and I'm quickly over it.
I'm surprised at the number of people who have commented (in person of course) on my de-Facebookification. And, get this; the most commonly used word? Brave! Brave? As in, "Man, I wish I was brave enough to get off of Facebook." "Good for you, you're braver than me." Seriously? Brave? I feel like I should set the record straight that it took zero bravery. Bravery would seem to indicate facing something one is afraid of and I am not afraid of the Facebook. Although I kind of want to ask, what do you think Facebook is going to do to me? Is there something I should know?
Oh! And I discovered another tidbit. You probably already know this but I find it fascinating in a I-thought-about-this-twice-today kind of fascinating. People are now creating...


That's right! People who Facebooked and then didn't like being so easily found (which is the very reason for which Facebook gets out of bed in the morning) are in the Facebook Witness Protection Program. I've had three people suggest I create a secret identity and then send them a Friend Request with a note explaining who I really am. I am thinking of calling myself Natasha Boop but you have to say it with a Russian accent or it's ridiculous. And then, what, do you use a real picture since you're under an assumed name so it won't identify you? Do you use a picture off of Google? A pencil drawing of a stick figure? A silhouette like Alfred Hitchcock?
Now you're destined to feverishly fire up the Facebook daily to see if you have a Friend Request from Natasha Boop (in a Russian accent) and then when you don't, wondering, is Natasha dis'ing you?
Or was she never out there in the first place?
(In a Russian accent dah'ling.)


Trish said...

I can take or leave facebook...doesn't consume me. I play none of those games! And don't want to spend that much time on this computer.
My motto has become "Moderation in all things." I do miss your snarky little comments, dahling Natasha Boop!

Trish said...

Oh, one more thing...are you related to Betty?

Debra said...

Oh Natasha! I would love to be your Facebook friend. :)

I confess--I love Facebook because I love to encourage people and give them words in due season and remind them that God and I love them. That's basically why I have a blog, too. If not for those things, well, I'd probably not even be on the computer at all. Really.

Well......... except to buy books that I'd never find in Real Life. I do love my books, too. :)

Blessings, Debra ... P.S. Oh, and your list, below, once again made me think surely! You and I were separated at birth. heh.

Mrs. Mac said...

I think FB is a time sucker and an addiction.

Debra said...

Mrs. Mac.... I can't help but add this: *Anything* in this life can be a time sucker and an addiction. Absolutely anything! And absolutely anything can also become a ministry to help a hurting world. It's not the activities which are wrong, but rather, it's our response, our behavior toward them which is either good/bad or addictive/balanced. Blessings, Debra