Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Season of "I want....!"

Yes, it is a season of I want___________. I have grown up in the Lord and realized that God likes it when I say to him, "I want a privacy fence and a patio and a fire pit and some more flowers and a big garden and a wild flower meadow and new living room furniture and to build a dining room on to the house and a new bra and to lose weight and for my hair to grow and laser surgery on my eyes and a day off."

That's right, the mature Christian knows that God loves those kind of conversations. You disagree? I believe that God loves hearing this from me because for a long time I prayed for global issues and salvation and protection for my kids and healing for others and to be bailed out of whatever my current crisis was and a pure heart and wisdom and all sorts of very important things. All things that made good solid sense and nothing frivolous and foolish. Sort of like Amish prayers. Well, you know what I mean.

Now I pray for all of those things but I also pray at Target, God I want that bedspread! I pray while blogging, God I want to live in that house! I pray at Lowe's, God I want peonies! Isn't this really just a way of acknowledging that everything comes from him?

The difference is that prayer is really just a conversation and I didn't always know how to have those with God. I felt I needed to be somehow holy with the things I brought to him, so he would be pleased and hear my prayers. But now, hallelujah, I have figured something out! God wants to hear every single thing! So now, I tell him.

God, I want to punch that person right in the head. God, why can't these boyz clean up after themselves? God, I'm fat. God, I really want apple pie. God, this traffic is ridiculous. God, I am way too tired to get out of bed this early.

Here's what I think; I think that if I would say it to my husband, my kids, my friends, it is insulting not to talk about it to God. Like a child, confidant enough to ask her dad for an ice cream cone. I'm not afraid he'll be angry at me for the asking. What kind of father would that be? Now, he might tell me "no." That happens on occasion. And in truth, the more I ask him for , the more nos I accumulate. But we talked about it. I revealed every silly selfish immature heartfelt desire of my heart.

That's not religion, it's a relationship. I like it much better.

P.S. I want new siding on my house and a new bathrobe and a glass of lemonade and sunny weather and a pair of yoga pants.


Pat said...

I want some chocolate chip cookies...I really, really do.

Louise said...

I thought I wanted chocolate ice cream a bit earlier this evening ... turns out I didn't, but I wish I had for that would mean my appetite is returning. We so need to talk to God as we do others ... more than we do others!
Love you Thara.

Debra said...

Totally, totally agree. :)

After all, there is that verse which says, "Let your requests be made known unto God." (Sounds like a command to me.) And also, "You have not because you ask not."

There are others, of course.

And again, your lists always amaze me. They always so specifically reflect what I've been thinking/wanting/doing lately. Blows my mind. :)

Blessings, Debra

Margie said...

I want the bakery, I want a roof for my garage, I want courage to lose weight, I want to tear up my carpet, and I want to paint my house! and the list goes on and on...

and I agree, take ALL things to Him.

Patty H. said...

Oh, I love this! Just found your blog thru Debra. It's funny, cause a group I'm on on facebook was just discussing how a friend of someone had said it was a sin to pray for our selfs. Hmmm. I pray all the time for myself. I love it how I will pray for something, something trivial to someone else but God, my Father, who loves me and what to give me the desires of my heart, hears me and says, ok, you can have that. Woot!! Thats my Daddy!!
Patty H.

daisy said...

Aaaahaha! Debra commented about your post so I had to come read it. I love this!!! I get it.
You made me laugh today, and I really needed that.

And I think you're right. I'm going to think about that in an entirely new way from now on. although I always pray when I lose something, cuz I know He knows where it is. So I just ask him to help me find it. Why wouldn't he want to help me? I want to help my kids find their missing things, because I want them to have their stuff, and I want them to be happy, and ... isn't He a WAAAYY better parent than I am? So He's not going to get impatient with me the way I do with my kids.

Thanks for the great post!

Rita said...

Go to Amy's Humble Musing blog and read about her laser surgery and you might decide you don't want it any more.