Sunday, June 27, 2010

Holding Tight

My parents had us all over today for our month of June celebrations; birthdays for the Mr., Jay and Amy and Father's day all rolled into one party. Mom made a delicious dinner and all of the above were showered with gifts. Ahh. Love it.
On the way out Mac was eating schnitzel out of the pan and Jay was scooping apple sauce up with the serving spoon for one more bite. I know, I know. Ugh, right? Yeah. And yet, not. They know who they are and that it is more than fine for them to munch their way through their grandparents' kitchen.
It's not to be taken lightly, family. Someday there will be no grandma and grandpa for them to visit and then no mom and dad either. But they will always know who they are. As long as they are first and foremost in their own minds a part of this family, they will never be lost.
Hold tight to each other.

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