Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Season of Hats

Today is the Mr.'s birthday. He is spending it at the hospital taking his mom to visit his father. Ten hours in a factory, a quick shower and off again. We'll try to find some time later in the week for a nice dinner out.
As for me, I've found my niche is keeping the home fires burning. Keeping the house orderly, making comfort food dinners and being a listening ear (even though sometimes I'm listening to a rather loud and frustrated voice.) Shoulder rubs and a place to land for a moment seems to be what's needed and I'm happy to provide.
I've worn lots of hats since this adventure began in the Fall. Traveling companion and nurse on the road. Housekeeper to the folks. Occasional grocery shopper, baker of bread and shopping consultant for shoes & such. I became the administrative assistant a few months ago creating a Smith File and researching resources. I'm the Personal Assistant who makes sure there are clean socks in the drawer and the calendar stay updated. I'm the planner who figures out the options and presents the pros and cons. I'm the inside-source to medical care sometimes. Sometimes I'm the one calling doctors when things aren't looking quite right. I'm the nurse consultant who is learning as she goes how to give her opinion and not be hurt if it isn't heeded. I'm the prayer warrior at the throne during crises and the quiet prayer over my husband while he's sleeping. I'm the giver of extra long hugs when there are no words. I'm the speaker of the occasionally inappropriate joke when we just can't stands it no more (hence rectum stories.) I'm the nutritionist making sure we aren't living on fast food.
I'm the Smith Front Desk, keeping in touch with everybody and exchanging information and updates.I'm the woman who can't wait to go to work and take a break from all this!I don't spend all that much time fulfilling what I thought my role would be-side by side with the Mr. There for doctor's appointments and sitting at the hospital. Turns out he's fine with all of the hands-on and it means a lot to his mom, I think, to have her son there to herself. No, my job is supportive. I make a space in the world for Dean to recharge and hopefully, to escape for a little while. That's my favorite job.
P.S. Check out the scripture of the day at the right! Isn't God amazing?


Pat said...

I was looking for the Sculpture of the day instead of the scripture of the day. And these are new glasses!
Couldn't find the sculpture...but the scripture was awesome!

Jada's Gigi said...

You have a whole new "hat" wardrobe! I'll keep you all in my prayers!