Monday, June 21, 2010

Lunch On the Porch

Sttrretch! I love mornings and especially the ones when I don't have to work! The sun is shining, it's cool and bright out. Perfect open-window weather, which I also love. It has to be pretty warm for me to prefer air conditioning to fresh air. The coffee is on and the first load of laundry is in. The dog has gone out, come in, eaten breakfast and returned to bed.
The Mr. is also still asleep. He's transferring to a new plant with better job security and handling his parent's transition and frankly, he's done worn out. The early bedtimes and trying to relax here and there aren't cutting it. He needs a plain old day off. I mean a day off with nothing to do, not a day off to run errands and tour nursing homes and spend two hours trying to explain to his dad why he can't come home. Off, home and relaxing with nothing on the to-do. Well, of course there's stuff on the to-do but we'll give him a break for the day. I fear without a break he'll end up, well, broken. Please add the move to the new factory to your prayer list? The plant he works at now will start shut-down next Monday for two weeks. The new one only has one week off, the week of the fourth. He truly needs the two weeks. Please pray for the transfer to be scheduled for after shut-down? Thanks.
We're planning our annual Up North week the week of July 4th. Dean's sister happened to plan her vacation here to visit with his parents quite a while ago for a week earlier and then had to change her plans to the same week as our trip Up North. That's a good thing, he'll be able to hand the folks off for a week without wondering if he should cancel that much needed vacation. The Lord works it out even when we don't know we'll need it!
I have an at-home day with the Mr. in my plans. Quiet, an old movie and maybe BLTs on the back porch for lunch. I'm going to make a pitcher of lemonade and we'll probably grill swordfish for dinner to go with fresh corn on the cob. Might sound boring but sounds downright perfect to me.
Oh, and did I mention my favorite surprise of last week? I got a real old fashioned letter from Mrs. Mac! Pages and pages long! We really must start writing letters by hand on wonderful stationary. It's proof that there are real people out there somewhere! Thanks Mrs. Mac! I will be finding some lovely stationary and writing you back!
Happy quiet busy whatever-you-need Monday!

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Louise said...

I love this post almost as I love thee my Thara. I shall be praying for your sweet husband and all he has on his plate. Bless you.