Saturday, June 05, 2010

I like

1. The smell of freshly mowed grass and tomato plant leaves and dirt.
2. Dogs.
3. Being home alone.
4. Old movies in general or new movies with fabulous houses. 5. To read blogs every morning, books every night and the Old Testament.
6. Sitting on my deck.
7. Making plans for now, in a little while and someday.
8. Road trips with the Mr.
9. Rivers more than lakes, lakes more than oceans.
10. Lemonade.


Trish said...

I like every thing on your list! Have you tried Simply Lemonade?
I am fact I am out and have to make a trip to the Mart.
I would have to add coffee to my list though because I can't seem to live without it!
Don't have a dog anymore...sigh. But last night Manda brought Sebastian for a visit. I'll just have to love my grandoggy. Every time i use that word I think of Gramma Tookie...miss her.
Love you!!!

Pat said...

Good list..each and every one.

Margie said...

11. Time with Margie

Mrs. Mac said...

I like everything on your list too. Including the smell of tomato leaves!