Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Season of Building

What is a wise woman?
Proverbs 14:1 says this; The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down...
This, I think, could be the scripture that could save this country. The United States of America has very little applause for the woman who is building her own house. However, you may see a standing ovation for the one who proclaims that making her self happy will make her a better mother or she deserves better than______________and she is demanding her due. We have made womanhood so complicated and in the process, we've lost the value that God placed on our heads when he created us.
We've almost become worthless.
What if we all lived life with one goal and every decision we make was in pursuit of that one goal. Just one. Choose your goal. But be forewarned that anything that does not build our house tears it down. Imagine a house, a neighborhood, a city, a nation of women with a singular passion I WILL BUILD MY HOUSE.
Her career choice is the one that will build her house. For the single woman, she will only date (even a single cup of coffee date) a man who will build her house. A married woman will deal with her husband only in a manner that will build her house. She will manage her finances, her body and her spirit only in ways that will build her house. Wow.
All of this house building reveals a scary question. Does this wonderful, kind and good-intentioned woman even know what kind of house she wants to build? Any architect must first sketch his plan. Who wants to live in a house built by moment to moment impulse? "I don't feel like doing plumbing today. If it turns out that we need plumbing, I can just build an outhouse later. I won't mind." Silly and yet, how many women have compromised, avoided the harder work, done the thing that seemed most pleasant for the moment or pursued the thing that seemed to reflect their own belief in their worth only to find themselves living in a house built without indoor plumbing?
Don't just agree with me. Oh yes, let's build a house! Hooray, I am going to build a house! Be the architect if you're serious about it. Sketch the plan the Holy Spirit reveals to you and let that blueprint guide your life.
And then, go build your house.


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