Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Season of This

Good Tuesday! Our day off went much too quickly but I believe that it did the Mr. some good. Although our early morning agreement, not to discuss nursing homes and finances and elder care, didn't hold up. By afternoon he was back on the phone and back with his nose in the Medicaid handbook. I reminded him that all of that could wait but he insisted that a little bit of time spent on it would allow him to relax better. In the process of this he called his uncle in Tennessee who is coming next week for a visit. Dean's grandmother is needing to move from her home and of course, this adds to the concerns of everyone. His uncle told the Mr. how much he has blessed his parents and that he has accomplished in a very short time things for his folks that never would have happened in Alabama. He needed to hear that, so the break from the break was a blessing in disguise.
Today we're back to real life. Dean will work ten hours, come home and shower and then go take his mother to the hospital to visit until 8:00 p.m. Then home for a late dinner and bed. And so goes the daily routine. Ben will probably be transferring to a nursing home during the last half of the week. It will take about three more months for Dean's mom to qualify for additional assistance and then we will settle her into her new home in a seniors apartment. And then? Slowly we'll settle into whatever this will be.

Mac has applied for a nursing assistant position at Wyandotte Hospital. Please pray for God's will. He will be finishing up pre-requisites this year and then entering the nursing program next Autumn. He's never worked in health care before so the application is a long-shot but God will make the way if it is right for Mac. Because he doesn't need to attend school full-time this year, it would be nice to be working at a hospital and getting his feet wet while he finishes out a few more classes. Not to mention the potential for tuition assistance! Like many young people he has spent the first few years out of high school trying to figure out the best path for his life and changed his major from math to nursing. He's excited now about the direction the Lord is leading him.

Jay just bought a new car, an Escape. Again, God gives good things. To be so young and to already have been established in his adult life through the generosity of the Lord and more than a little help from his grandparents, his dad and I are able feel a sense that he is on the right track as well as his brother.

That's what I really want to say today. This blog has turned into a journal of elder-care with a side of poor pitiful us sometimes. God, never giving us more than we can bear, has given us more than we can imagine. More good things. It doesn't escape me that many parents of children in their early twenties spend sleepless nights pacing the floor with worry. Our day off yesterday concluded with the four of us gathering after daboyz got off of work for steaks grilled by the Mr. and a quiet evening at home. Despite the busyness, this is how most of our evenings end up. The four of us still eat dinner together most every day. In fact, sometimes we look at these kids and ask them if they can't find somewhere else to go once in a while! On Friday we told Mac, "Why don't you get together with your girlfriend instead of hanging out here?" The result, he and his girlfriend and Jay joined us for dinner out! If that's our biggest issue with our young adult boys, I can't complain.

On Sunday Dean spent the day at the hospital while I worked and he called to ask if I could meet him and his mom for dinner. I called Mac to find out what he was doing. He was at this brother's house hanging out. They came to dinner and then went back to Jay's for a bit. Then the two of them joined us at our house for ice cream. Simple? Yes. But my kids are best friends. My husband is a good son. If we fail to see the simple wonders in the midst of our days, life can seem difficult indeed.

This morning the Mr. has left for work, I'm getting going shortly. Mac is still asleep, will be headed out to his landscaping job in about an hour. Jay is probably just waking up and will be on the road to his desk at the bank soon. My parents are safe and healthy in their own home, although I suspect they are not up and about yet! :) Dean's mom is sound asleep in her little apartment that has become her home and place of refuge and his dad is safe and well-cared for by wonderful people in the hospital, sparing us worry about wandering or falls or who knows what else.

Although it's just starting, it's a good day. I haven't seen the details yet, God made it for us. And he is the giver of good things.

Grace & love~

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Pat said...

This post fill my eyes with tears~you know they flow very easily! They are tears from a thankful heart. God's love and goodness covers us like a blanket. We must never fail to acknowledge His goodness and give praise for his love and faithfulness. His mercies are new every morning!
By the WAy...we woke up at 9 this morning...and it feels so good!