Monday, October 25, 2010


Driving down the highway alone the other day I look up at the beautiful Autumn sky. The clouds were high and white against a brilliant blue that can really only be called "sky blue." The sun was slicing through the clouds to create prisms across prisms across prisms.
And from heaven into my heart I heard (I tell you I heard), "Love you."
And from heart to heaven, "Love you too!"
What a sweet perfect moment of wholeness and utter understanding. Not that I understood the structure of the atom and the small print on my mortgage and string theory. What I understood was what was real. And the atom, my mortgage and string theory do not compare to the realness of God and me.
There was a sudden break from the cloudy glass I squint through most of the time and the enormity of the sky above me was God, over around surrounding through ahead behind beside and within me. It was several minutes of absolute understanding. It was the absence of fear or worry or doubt. It was a timeline in my spirit showing me just how small this part of eternity is. It was the hearing of every prayer said and whispered and thought that God still remembers and continues to answer even I may have believed I have received the answer or forgotten I ever asked.
It was reality.
And the reality is that God is all powerful. He is always faithful. He is love and truth and justice. He is merciful. He smiles on his creation and adores us.
His word will not return void.
I have a determination from those moments on the freeway when I wasn't even seeking any kind of epiphany.I am determined to be foolish. I will believe in the fulfillment of every promise and celebrate before the trumpet.
I am going to forget to fear.


Margie said...

I wish I could write like you...

Saija said...

you made me smile, while my eyes teared ... i've experienced God in just those ways ... and am amazed at His love and how He reaches down to us ...

yup, let's continue to hope and love and BE women for Christ!

Jada's Gigi said...

Living for these moments...the eternal ones where time stops and we have glimpses of eternity.