Saturday, October 23, 2010


1. Got cramps.
2. Is Autumn not beautiful? Yes it is.
3. One more week until St. Joseph, MI!
4. Saw "Hereafter" yesterday. Wow, was it slow-moving and pointless! And I usually love slow-moving and pointless movies! I mean, I love "The Remains Of The Day!"
5. I slept great last night. I know you were wondering.
6. I would really prefer not to work this weekend. Actually, I don't mind working but am praying for minimal drama.
7. Seriously, I have cramps.
8. Soup weather! I am making a pot of something on Monday.
9. Would the person who told politicians that these ridiculous ads and signs have an impact on intelligent people please correct that?
10. Tonight, campfire with the Mr. & Daboyz.



Stacy said...

I understand the cramps...they visit me every few weeks or so, blah! I am indeed almost an RN, and no, can't believe it!! I'll never forget your shameless promotion of the program, lol!
The doc didn't say she has croup, but all signs point to it...(He wasn't a pediatrician, possibly unfamiliar with childhood cooties, lol)
I think I'm going to forgo the pcn for a few days, croup is almost always viral... thank you for your prayers, missing Trunk or Treat tomorrow would be oh so devastating!
Happy weekend :)

Pat said...

You know that since you have announced a may have two unexpected guests!

Mrs. Mac said...

I hope you have a hot water bottle to snuggle up with in bed .. it's so comforting with cramps .. of course, you have to wait until your drama free day is over. Glad you are able to get away soon. Have a blessed weekend.