Thursday, October 21, 2010

My New Cream Colored Hat and So On

Tomorrow I am going to wear my new cream colored knit hat with the kicky little bill.
That is because it is 10:15 p.m. and I have done all of my housework.
As I shoved the vacuum at Mac about half an hour ago and finished sweeping the front end of the house he asked what in the world I was doing and why didn't I just sit down and relax? Well, I'll tell ya why. It's because tomorrow is my day off as once again the third weekend has rolled around (that keeps happening) and I'm working. Do you realize that the past two weekends, when I have not been working, I have come home from work on Friday night and not left the house again until Monday morning when I went back to work? And do you realize that I did not leave the house the entire weekend I was off four weeks ago? I'm not complaining, mind you! No siree, lock me up in my house and I am a happy camper. The last two weekends I have cooked and baked and cleaned and shined and worn no make up and had two birthday dinners, one for Mac and one for the Mr.'s folks. I lurved every moment. But today I decided that tomorrow I wanted to wear my new cream colored knit hat with the kicky little bill and leave the house on my day off. So tonight I did my housework. As I explained to Mac, a person needs to earn a day completely off by taking care of one's responsibilities first. To make a habit of thoroughly enjoying yourself without doing so is kind of not so great. I think he got it although all he really did was tell me my hair was crazy but the house smelled really nice.
Now it is quite past my bed time and I'm ready to crawl between my clean fresh sheets in my clean fresh flannel pajamas and sleep a well-earned sleep. I'm already looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning with a whole day in front of me to do whatever the Mr. and I want to do. I will have my morning coffee in my bright shining (good smelling) house, put on my new cream colored knit hat with the kicky little bill and then...who knows what might happen next.
Lunch in a deli? A matinee? A trip to the library or The Henry Ford? Whatever the day brings it will be with the peaceful kind of pleasure that accompanies a day off that is truly well-earned.
If you're looking for me, I'll be out and about in my new cream colored hat with the kicky little bill!


Margie said...

I'm quite sure you look fabulous in your hat!

Pat said...

I bought a new black knit hat with a kicky little bill! Don't know where I'll where it yet, but I have it just in case!
Enjoy your day off!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

good for you ... and you're setting such a good example for your audience and family :) Please post pics of the kicky hat with you under it.

Jada's Gigi said...

picture of kicky new cream colored hat please....:) and I'm the same way...clean til I drop so as to have THE WHOLE day off tomorrow! :)