Friday, October 01, 2010

Smith B&B

Ahh Friday! Cool Autumn morning, cup of joe and a hound dog at my side. :)
Jay's surgery went really well, thank you Jesus! He's barely swollen and his pain has been really well controlled, in my opinion as a result of having a personal nurse. He was able to eat a little yesterday but it was mostly smoothies and soup. He couldn't handle the pancakes we had planned so those are probably going to happen this morning. Pumpkin pancakes to be precise! I might just bundle up and enjoy mine on the back porch. Jay said that if he ever lost his job, he'd be very comfortable moving back into our guest room. I informed him that our guest room would not involve turn-down service, smoothies at bedside and Vicodin every four hours if he lost his job.
All four of us are home today; Dean's day off, my day off, Mac doesn't have school on Fridays and Jay is in the Robert Gerhardstein Post Operative Suite. Bunch of nerds that we are, we are all excited to all be here together. I'm going to make an apple pie, although I think I'll prebake the apples so they are extra mushy for Jay. That's the cutting-edge life I live. Have a great day whatever your plans are!

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