Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Am I getting sick? Hmm, maybe. Been really tired today, aching muscles. Slight headache and around 1:00 I started getting chills. But I'm home, neighbors have a fire going and it smells so good; like Up North. Going to take a looooonngg hoooottt shower in a minute and hope my work phone stays quiet for the evening. Maybe a quiet night, bed early and a bowl of soup will set me right by morning. Regardless, it's a pretty day and the trees are changing color and it smells like Up North.
So it's not all that bad.



Debra said...

Oh! And take some vitamin C and D3, too. :) Feel better soon, ok? Blessings, Debra

Pat said...

I bought some of that "Airborne Formula" because I felt bad this morning, and it contains vitamin c and other good for you stuff. Also made a pot of lemon chicken rice soup. I figure the combo should work lickety split!!
Praying a good sleep will have you feeling chipper in the morning.