Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Our baby boy (who is 6'3" tall) passed his HESI yesterday. What is this you ask? The Health something Science something. It's the test you have to take to get into nursing school. I took the NET which is the Nursing Entrance Test. That was many moons ago when dinosaurs ruled and darkness was on the face of the deep. Now it's the HESI.
He has one more class to take in January (Anatomy Phys II) and then he'll be in The Program in the fall of 2011, graduating in 2013 or as Dean likes to call it, the year the boy gets the heck out of our house. I am not sure he'll be moving out the day after commencements but one can hope. Jay is contemplating a return to school part time but unsure of the direction to take. I will be entering the University of Michigan's Health Policy & Law program whenever I actually enroll. Keep on me about that, would ya?
Mac will be nurse #3. Manda, Trish's daughter will be nurse #4 as she is working on her pre-reqs now. I think that's about all the nurses this family has to offer for a while. It's somebody elses turn. :)
Happy nursing to all and to all a good night nurse.



Amber Land said...

Wow, happy for Mac and Mandy! That is so exciting!!! I might have to see if I can get one of you on speed dial as we always have some sort of medical crisis! lol!

Pat said...

I'm so happy you explained what HESI stands for...now I understand it completely!