Saturday, October 16, 2010


1. Making lasagna for Dean's folks and grandma tomorrow, all three of their birthdays in one week.
2. Determined to de-stress!
3. Reservations made for anniversary trip, St. John, Michigan overlooking Lake Michigan.
4. Finally had a good deep sleep last night and the Mr. woke me up early. Argh.
5. Contest at work is going great, my unit is winning!
6. Now that I'm awake, I'm hungry. I see waffles in my immediate future.
7. I officially have a pony tail, seriously this is tremendous news.
8. A local high school has voted in their 2010 Homecoming King, a young man with Down's Syndrome. Somebody in that community has been raising their children well.
9. My mom is with the Scarf Sisters this weekend, and although I hate traveling, I wish I was there. Love you guys!
10. Happy Sweetest Day!

Image (Lighthouses on Lake Michigan)

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Margie said...

I wish I was there too!