Saturday, May 28, 2011


1. Sore throat; started yesterday.
2. Dean's mom leaving for her move to Alabama today.
3. Might the sun come out for a minute or two today?
4. Laundry laundering...load number 3 in.
5. Shellac mani at Short Cuts $15 cheaper than at Sakora :)
6. Slightly sore muscles to match my sore throat, bummer.
7. Floods all over our area, thankful for a miraculously dry basement.
8. At the very least, I will sit on my back porch today even if I'm wrapped in a blanket.
9. My mom was making an orange marmalade cake yesterday, I think she should send samples to everyone she knows.
10. I've been awake for an hour and I think I need a nap.

Image: Daboyz putting together a basketball hoop. This has nothing to do with anything, just thought I'd share.


Trish said...

Love Jay's beard...Da'boys are now Da'men!!!
And Short Cuts is my favorite Beauty Shop.
Love you!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Enjoy your day .. minus the shore throat and muscles :( Glad you are high and dry in the basement .. this spring has been 'something' eh?? Rest in His palm today girlfriend. I'll have to go read about Dean's mom moving to Alabama .. must have missed this news. Blessings to you.

Lisa said...

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