Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One down

Day one done, at least I'm done with day one! Lowe's & Home Depot with a couple of gift cards from my birthday and I only spent $60 out of pocket although I could've spent $600. I am not doing as much planting as in years past since we are putting in a patio so I'll need to do some landscaping and changing of plans as that happens. Today's main goal was to clean up the back porch and reclaim my morning coffee spot. Mission accomplished!

I always hang Boston ferns around the deck because I prefer that space to be greener than flowery. For one thing the ferns are low maintenance and love the direct sunlight and for another they provide natural shade on the west side of the deck.

But mainly I want the porch to be a quiet and peaceful place so lush plants and greenery serve the purpose well. In the flower box on the rail I planted lavender (center) and rosemary (on either side) to continue the green theme with the added bonus of an amazing scent, not to mention the herbs are at my finger tips for cooking by simply stepping out the back door!
Next a table top pond! I looooove water plants, ponds, water features and fountains but again, we are in a transition phase with the yard. Lowe's had this table top pond kit so I thought, why not?! And it's guaranteed to grow; so I basically can't go wrong!I'll admit, it's not all that beautiful at the moment but from past experience I know that pond plants are pretty easy to work with and I'll have my water feature to enjoy even if it is the size of a salad bowl! According to the box, the plants will come back after the winter freeze which I'm very interested to see since my previous container ponds have not survived year to year. Anyway, behold the pond!
Tomorrow the temperatures and humidity are supposed to be a little less steamy so I'll plan on filling my containers and doing some weeding and cleaning up. In the meantime, I just today realized I must have a contorted filbert or I shall die, simply die. So please send me $89 immediately.


Odie Langley said...

You have it looking really great.

Pat said...

I'm ready to come over for a sip o' lemonade!
Looking good out there!

Mrs. Mac said...

Let's sip tea together :) Your patio is off to a GREAT start! Where do you put your ferns during the winter? ... or do you buy new ones???

Sara said...

Mrs. Mac, I have tried to "winter" the ferns indoors but they make a huge mess with the dry furnace heat and I'm not quite devoted enough to try to baby them for $7 a piece so I do buy new ones every year. My peace lillies, Citronella, African violets and other "house plants" transition inside for the winter and do just fine.