Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Camera shy

I've been waiting and waiting to get my camera back so I could post pictures of all of our little home and garden projects but yet again...foiled! I left it at my sister's on Easter, she forgot to bring it over on Mother's Day and so on and so on and so on! So I come to you today sans photographs but still wanting to visit over the fence for a minute or two.
Mac is well into his orientation at the hospital and doing really well. He's enjoying it and it's a blessing for us to see that he takes pride in hard work. First paycheck on Friday!
I had a lovely Mother's Day with my parents, sister and brother-in-law joining the Mr., daboyz and me for dinner at our house. We love these family times together and always lay our heads on our pillows afterward with a heart of thankfulness. I made chicken and could a person not enjoy that? Dean and our kids got me the comforter set for our bedroom that I've been eyeing for months so someday when I get my camera back, expect to see how fabulous my bedroom looks.
The weather here in the Mitten is finally turning toward something other than frigid and so with cautious expectation, I hope to do a little outside planting in the coming weeks. Step one will be to move the house plants back onto the back porch, step two is planting forsythias at the south fence and step three is the patio! Again with the promise of photos! See how much you have to look forward to? LOL.
Well, I do believe I shall bid you good evening and enjoy a glass of ice water and some home decor magazine or other. I've already donned my pajamas and ironed my scrubs for tomorrow. Mac's on afternoons today so the Mr. and I find ourselves happily settled in to our quiet home alone for the first time in approximately 23 years. I think we'll survive...wink.
Much love to your home from my very full and peaceful heart!Image:

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