Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring, Sprang...Autumn?

Hello dere!

Autumn has arrived here in the Mitten with temperatures in the forties and howling winds whipping the....

Whipping the crap out of all of us who really just want to plant a forsythia or two! For heaven's sake!

The plummeting thermometer and gray sky make me want to go into hibernation mode from which I had only just started awakening a few weeks ago. Even Donny has reverted to sleepy hound dog eyes and deep snoring. I went into our bedroom a few moments ago to find him blinking at me as if to say, "Turn out the lights, it's time for bed." Jay went out to dinner with us but then went straight home to "hunker down." I'm not sure exactly what he's hunkering down in preparation for...our Michigan snowdar seems to be confused by the lack of sunshine!

I will not be defeated by this temporary set-back of Spring, I am simply putting long-sleeved t-shirts under the cute scrubs I just purchased for the new warmer season. I've brought the house plants back inside after a few days of being violently whipped about in the Spring/Fall weather. And Lord help us; we are sitting in front of a fire in the fireplace tonight and I am wearing flannel pajamas!

I could whine for a while more but the wearing of a jacket hardly seems reason to complain when our home isn't being swept away by a raging river, our floors aren't shaking in an earthquake, a nuclear power plant isn't poisoning the ground in which I want to plant those blasted forsythias. No. All is really and truly well after all. How much sweeter will those lovely sunshiny days seem when finally they come.

To everything there is a season...


Debra said...

Oh I know. We had gorgeous, perfect days last week--until--our Nevada friends arrived. That's when Autumn arrived here, too. Gah. It was sooo hard not to complain, but we kept complaining to a minimum and had a wonderful time, walking everywhere in the cold and rain.

Glad you are adapting, too!

Pat said...

Well put.