Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Generation to generation...

Here we have another example of why I needed my camera!!

Introducing Mac (Da youngest of daboyz.) Notice his scrubs? That's because he has a great job as a mental health tech at the hospital where I work as a nurse. Contingent-as many or as few hours as works for him. He's been able to work 40 hours a week every week and his bank account has recovered from its all time low of $3.00...LOL.

Last week his loyal old Dodge pick-up finally gave up. Dean got it running long enough to get it to a dealership to beg for a little something on trade-in and they got much more for it than they had ever hoped. So with that old Dodge (all 180,000 miles of it) and a new job that allows him to make a payment Mac now has a 2008 Ford F-150! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Would a broken down truck usually be a reason for celebration? No it wouldn't. But that old beater drove Mac back and forth to high school and college and literally lasted until 3 days after his first paycheck. He wasn't even planning on buying a new vehicle immediately, his plan was to drive the Dodge until it died, which he did, he just didn't know how quickly the funeral was going to come!

Words cannot express his joy nor mine to hear him give God the thanks for provision from more than one source. In fact, this morning he insisted on driving me to work. To see your children reach that step into adulthood brings with it a new kind of worry and yes, even fear. You can no longer provide everything they will need and somehow all the statements of faith come to a head when you truly have no choice but to watch your child step out onto the prayers you have been saying over their lives since they were born.

The Lord doesn't tell me his plans for my boys. He only tells me what part I am to play and I have no choice but to be obedient believing that his plans for them and for me are good ones. Sometimes I want to say "No!"

Like when Mac announced that he was changing his major and starting over from teaching to nursing. Two years of college more or less wasted? "No!"


Like when he was asked by the medical director to apply for a position at my hospital, where he would be dealing with dangerous mentally ill people? "No!"


And even like when Mac said his dream was a Ford F-150 the day the Dodge wouldn't start and I said, "No. You can't shoot for the stars at this point in your life. You just need to get something to get you by."

And God said "Yes."

He is the builder of dreams that I only see the vapor of but are clear in the hearts of my children. Now that I cannot hold their hands and help them with homework, I find myself thankful for a God who was even bigger than the one I thought I gave them to when they were born. This God provides for them with no assistance from me.

God and Jay.

God and Mac.

God providing a future, with good things, to prosper and bless them.

Thank you Lord...for blessings begun years ago and still shining in the lives of my kids.

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Pat said...

Amen and amen. His love is amazing, supplying over and above what we even dare to hope for.