Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy in the day

Sometimes it seems like the day just rushes at you, doesn't it? When my alarm sounded at 4:45 this morning I was incredulous. The night was over already? The new day is here already? I read somewhere recently that a "trick" to welcoming the day is to prepare something that you will look forward to to turn the dread of a work day or boredom of an ordinary old day into a treat. This can be something as simple as a new shampoo or a different coffee cup or whatever. I've done this a bit of late and find such wisdom in it. Inserting some purposeful something into the day makes it just nicer.
Having a new set of clearance scrubs to wear to work today made me a little more excited to get the day going. Yesterday I made extra coffee before work and took a thermos with me to enjoy at my desk. Last week I went through my jewelry box and found a necklace I love but rarely wear and built an outfit around it. Sound a little simple? It's very simple and it works.
I have found a lift out of a midday slump by taking just a few minutes to think about the evening ahead and what we are having for dinner. I take advantage of the technology I usually dislike and will text the Mr. to stir up some kind of plans if we have none so that I have something to look forward to. Let's go out for burgers! Let's have homemade lemonade with dinner! Let's watch a movie when we get home!
I've run out of body wash and now I get to go buy a new scent and this has given me something to look forward to...choosing which one to try and then tomorrow....using it!
There are wonderful things that either drift through our days without our notice or could be easily added. Try it and I promise you'll add at least a moment or two of happy to your day. And is there any denomination of happy that is too small to bother with?


Jada's Gigi said...

Living in the moment...its absolutely Godlike!

LL Cool Joe said...

I just popped over from your mother's blog to say hi. What a great idea about finding small things to cheer us during a drab day. I certainly need to try this out as I've been feeling very down in the dumps recently.

Linda Jackson (Brown Shoe) said...

Aaah. The pleasures of the small things in life! Blessings! :)