Saturday, May 14, 2011

5 ways I do stuff because 10 would be too long

1. Buy souvenirs: go to a local antique store or thrift shop and find something interesting and wonderful and cheap to add to your home (like vintage salt & pepper shakers or a table cloth.) It will provide a memory of "that time", be functional and give your house individuality.

2. Give a gift when I seem to be desperately hunting for some undefinable something: Food! Cookies, brownies, banana bread. People really do love homemade goodies. Item #1 is another great option.

3. Make redecorating decisions: When in doubt, don't. I wait until I understand everything I need out of the space and add one element at a time until the room finds its way. I started with a bedroom wall color I loved in 2008. Last week I added the final detail with my new comforter set.

4. Manage my wardrobe: I pay attention to the items I always go back to and the items that I never seem to choose. Now I purchase only facsimiles of those stand-bys and I no longer care that my wardrobe doesn't seem to be large. My goal is to feel good in my clothes every day.

5. Change gears from work day to evening at home: Immediately put on pajamas and then cook dinner. There is no doubt when I'm wearing my jammies that the work day is over and it's time to relax.

Image: Homemade cookies on a funky plate purchased during vacation at an antique shop, $4.


Becky said...

i shall try that today! the pj thing. Off to get new pj's!

Margie said...

love this!

Margie said...

P.S. why didn't you tell me about #3 sooner?!