Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 to do

I took a little vacation time after working Memorial Day to stay home and give my yard some TLC. This is usually the sweet spot of Spring, warm and sunny and "safe" to plant but not too hot to be out doors. Ha! The joke's on me! It's about 80F or so here in The Mitten and that blasted air conditioning has already clicked on. I think I'll make one of my beloved lists and take it slow and easy. After all, the point is to be at home enjoying myself more than it is to work work work, right? Right? Right!
My top projects for now are cleaning up and prettying up my back porch which is my morning coffee destination: a few ferns to hang, something lovely in the window box which hangs from the railing and a general scrub down and that will be done. Easy enough, even if it is a little warmish. Next, forsythias (which I've been talking about for the last century or so.) Maybe I can talk Mac into digging the holes for those lovelies tomorrow since he's off work. My berry and herb garden needs some attention since I suspect there are Viet Cong hiding in there and I can't tell the weeds from the herbs! As for the salad garden, I'll think about that later. Those three projects may be enough of a challenge for the moment.
If I am successful without wilting into a pile of sweat, I'll post some "after" pics! Image: Backyard 2010. That fence line with the overgrown bushes on the right is now cleared out and awaiting forsythias!

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