Monday, May 23, 2011

Bedroom pics!

At last, the long awaited bedroom photo tour! My mom attended a church luncheon with my sister who handed off my camera which my mom dropped at my house so we are back in business!
Here we have the "before." Bedroom walls pistachio green which was my first decorating decision along the three year process. Furniture was my gramma's cherry Queen Anne set, beautiful but not my style. While my grandmother was more formal and understated in her decorating, I am farm-housey (are you surprised?), casual and a little eclectic. What this ultimately means is that my rooms have to evolve over time because while I know what I like, I need time to accumulate the elements.

To the right, the after! Walls still that pistachio green I chose in 2009. The bedroom set has been replaced with a Mission style set, a Christmas gift from the Mr. in 2010. This is my first new bedroom set since sixth grade! It's the style I've always wanted and I'm glad I waited 32 years...ha! Seriously, furniture is very expensive and this is an example of waiting for the thing you want. I love love love this furniture and every time I walk past my bedroom and get so excited to see it. The little corner of furniture in the left foreground is the dresser which matches the chest. As you can see, the headboard is rather high and substantial. The wall space behind the headboard is proportionately high on the wall and I wanted "words" there. I love reading, writing and words in general and I thought this space was the perfect place for a quote of some kind. Here again, we entered the waiting game. I couldn't find just the perfect phrase. The Mr. bought me a wall quote from Target, "Always kiss me good night." which was sweet, but not right. I hunted online for about two years before finding what I wanted except I didn't know what it was until I found it...
"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights.

I ordered it from a site called Trading Phrases, and I am so pleased with the results. The price was $25 and they send two of the decals in case the first application doesn't go well. Their selection is huge.

To the right I've pulled the camera back for a shot of the headboard space. The two wreaths were purchased from GardenRidge for $10 each. I added the orange flowers which were $1 per stem, I added two stems, for the orange accent. The pistachio green wall color doesn't really pop in the pictures like it does in person. My gramma would hate it, I love it! Speaking of Garden Ridge and things my gramma would hate; behold the hanging metal fish sculpture! This is the perfect example of not knowing what I wanted until I found it! And even when I found it I doubted my own decorating sense :) My feelings won't be hurt if you don't love it, like I said, I am eclectic. Most important to me is not finding the elements in my home hanging in someone else's home and I have yet to find this beauty anywhere. That wall has had nothing hanging there since my gramma's death as I looked and looked for the perfect something. The Mr. and I found this at Garden Ridge the same day we purchased the wreaths. We looked at it, said it was too wacky, came back and looked at it, said it was too expensive ($50), came back and said we liked it because it was wacky, walked away and came back and put it in the cart. Dean was drawn by the colors which are shimmery and beautiful and really capture the magic of light refracting off of water in a river or lake. The shape could be interpreted as modern but to my eye, it was nature represented in metal which is pure Arts & Crafts movement. Basically, we just loved it and it was the thing the room needed to be yet more of what it was meant to be. We came home and immediately hung it on the wall and I spent the rest of the afternoon standing in the doorway admiring it.

The final element was my Mother's Day gift from Daboyz, a comforter set from Target. This, I realize, might turn up in someone else's home but I love it anyway. It's a natural linen color with orange poppies, brown, green and yellow accents. I've had my eye on it for months but hadn't picked it up yet because I didn't have all of the accents on the walls and the bedding is the most expensive detail at $89 for the queen size comforter with two shams (actually a very reasonable price.) Dean gave me the coordinating orange sheets for Mother's Day. The small orange accent pillow was $9 from our Garden Ridge day. And now my friends, you have the Smith Master Bedroom! Three years in the making and worth every moment. The mixture of wood, color and very personal touches have finally come together to reveal the room I was waiting to show itself. Our bedroom is the oasis of our home, just for the two of us and a place where my brain automatically switches to rest-mode. I imagine that this bedroom doesn't reflect what many would want in a romantic space but romance is really a matter of what dwells inside and where we meet one another and in this case; whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

How can you not be happy living inside of that thought?


Odie Langley said...

Beautiful Sara. Unique and very well done.

Debra said...

Aww, it's lovely! All the details are just right. I,too, love the Craftsman style and the comforter and pillows are very Craftsmanish too! You did a great job, and yes. I would definitely feel happy in a room like yours, also. Enjoy your pretty new room! :)