Saturday, May 07, 2011

Thinking about Mother's Day

1. Thinking that I should give gifts to my kids. Mother's Day gifts always make me uncomfortable.
2. Thinking about dinner at my house.
3. Thinking about (hopefully) sunny weather.
4. Thinking of my grandmothers.
5. Thinking about driving on the Lodge with my mom. Don't ask.
6. Thinking about my mom and Trish at Weight Watchers. Don't ask.
7. Thinking that my house smells like sewage because the basement flooded last week.
8. Thinking about my mom making my 9th Grade Dance dress and wondering if there are any pictures of it in existence, it was fabulous!
9. Thinking about all of the amazing moms I know and wishing I could buy a gift for each of them.
10. Thinking that daboyz are cute.
Image: My mom and I, Greenfield Village 1968


Margie said...

thinking about that amazing note you sent me on Mother's Day a few years back... it's in my bible, corners ratted... loveyou!

happy mother's day!

Pat said...

Stop thinking so much, especially about driving on the Lodge freeway with me. That's a ugly thought.
That 9th grade dress was fab! I'm sure there are pictures somewhere.
Thinking I love you very much.

Odie Langley said...

Maybe you are thinking too much Sara. Let me say that you have one beautiful mom and I wish you and all the ladies in your family a very Happy Mother's Day.

Pat said...

Thank you Odie!