Thursday, June 02, 2011

The berry & herb garden/meadow/hot mess

Oh Lord, here's my dirty little secret! It's the berry & herb garden. You might think the secret is that it looks like this but not so! The secret is...I like the way it looks. Yes, my name is Sara and pretend this is a meadow. I realize it is entirely unacceptable to have such a thing in suburbia but if it was a few acres bigger, you'd think it was a beautiful country meadow, yes you would.

Well today I'm going to put on my gardening gloves and grab my rake and stare at it for a while and possibly remove some of the plants the less-informed call weeds. There are herbs and berry bushes in there somewhere, and that is really the only reason I'm considering cleaning it out a bit. I'm concerned the intentional plants are being choked out and a little concerned about what I am cooking with assuming it to be herbs. Ha!

In the meantime, a few years back I bought one of those bags of wild flower seeds that you just kind of scatter; you know the ones? Anyway, the bag of seeds is 2 years there any point in planting them? Yes, you guessed it. I'm thinking of pulling out the wild flowers, cleaning up the beds and then planting wild flowers.

Maybe I really do need to double check those "herbs" I've been eating! At least I recognize the baby strawberry trying very hard to ripen without much help from Mother Nature the last few weeks...Stay tuned!

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Odie Langley said...

It all looks wonderful to me Sara.