Thursday, June 02, 2011

Berry tired!

Good help is certainly hard to find and with the Mr. and Mac working today, I was left with only this individual. At 9:00 a.m., this is what I got when I invited him to join me in the yard.
Despite the abysmal workforce, staycation day three goal has been met met. Shew am I tired and sore; I see Tylenol and a nap in my near future. But the garden has been demeadowed and regardened. Let's pause to remember the meadow days of yore...

And now we have a berry garden!

The herbs were more or less choked out except for parsley and garlic chives, both of which I did a slipshod transplant into containers. They may not make it but if not, that's ok. Easily replaced. I decided since the berries were taking over it's easiest to let them do their thang and declare the meadow a berry patch...strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Next addition-blueberries! I'm not all that hopeful about a bumper crop this year because of the cold snap and lack of attention but that's ok. Us berry farmers know that it takes a year or two to establish new plants anyway and the blackberries just went in today.

On to something less lovely; this is my summer challenge! What we have here is a piece of lumber the source of which is a mystery and an old deacon's bench. The bench was looking pretty ragged last year so I painted it red and distressed it, however, it is even more distressed now than I recall. So I'm gonna build me a potting bench! Yup! I realize I will need more than one piece of mystery wood and a distressed deacon's bench but I've looked at a few samples and plans online and I'm going to create something fabulous from reclaimed wood and stuff and things. Oh, you're gonna be amazed when it's done. And frankly, if it gets done, I'm gonna be amazed as well. This glorious creation will be placed against the garage wall across from the Berry Patch (aka Smith Orchards.)
And that neighbors, is all there is! The Mr. plans to start work on the patio this weekend and I have a few ideas for a container salad garden but that will wait for another day. This evening I am thinking of take-out Chinese (because I am obviously too tired to cook!) I do believe I'll make a pitcher of lemonade and enjoy the view from my humble old back porch. I was thinking as I looked through my pictures that there are many more impressive blogs out there if you want to see how people live, but this is how I live and I don't find myself envious. Not that I don't admire and enjoy what I see elsewhere, oh I certainly do. Sometimes I can find inspiration in something grand that I can use in this neighborhood bungalow of mine. Usually the inspiration for life is right here waiting to be uncovered. I guess I've already done the "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" essay and I never left my backyard! Thanks for coming by and if you've a mind, check in for patio updates and salad gardens. If you are in the mood for a glimpse of ordinary life; this is the place to visit!


Odie Langley said...

Well Sara I for one loved the time spent in your back yard. Good job.

Margie said...

lol 'us berry farmers'