Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Two for Two!

Another day's yard work done and with a bonus; today was Mac's day off so I had help with the heavy lifting! Today's goal was to fill and freshen my containers and I'm happy to report tis done! As I mentioned, with the patio going in I have tried to spruce things up without doing major work and major money spending before I can see how I want things done. Yard work is much like house decorating for me, I need to let it unfold and show me what it should be. Behold, day two! The cement planters were here from the days when my grampa planted flowers around this new old house so they mean more to me than eye candy. Mac moved them from another part of the yard to "anchor" our porch steps and I like 'em there, a poppy in each. I think they look sweet. The topiary evergreens (which need re-topiaring; a job for another day) were moved from the foot of the steps to either side of them and again it's a nice change of pace. The large cement pot was my own purchase and was scooted from the side of the garage and planted with something that is supposed to be purple when it blooms and starts with a D. Helpful? On the second and third steps on the left hand side going up are the cherry tomato and blackberry bush which will have to hang out there for the moment as I plot and plan. The berry and herb garden is on tomorrow's to do so the blackberry will probably find a home there shortly.

Around the old utility pole you'll find more nostalgia; I played with that old buggy and then daboyz. Until another generation is in need of it, it holds my house plants for the summer. The cement chicken and baby are two of my favorite things in the world. They used to live on The Farm and I can actually remember straddling the chicken like a horse and pretending to ride it, just barely fitting my butt between the neck and tail. Since it's a life-size chicken; I would have had to be a toddler. The plant behind the chicken is the peace lily daboyz sent to the funeral home when Dean's dad passed. It's grown since February so it has a new bigger pot for summer.

Along the side of the garage is a little of this and a little of that including a few perennials that survived after the majority of the ones I planted didn't make it so they just grow willy nilly and I still like them. Marigolds and petunias in the hanging baskets (baskets recycled from years past and two flats of flowers to fill them.)

The fire pit is sitting on what was left after the sewer guys replaced our pipes and put a clean-out in. Mac and I decided this is a fine place for now until the yard is finished.

And here we have one of my two bird baths, this one cement and purchased by me to replace the one my grandparents had used but had been broken. Does it seem like I have a lot of cement stuff? This just occurred to me. But I just love it, it's so permanent. It sits out through the winter and lasts for several generations. My next cement purchase is a small bench I've already got my eye on. And the Mr. truly enjoys bringing home these prizes and carry them around the yard until I find a home for them. Ha!

Right on schedule and day two complete. Yes, in case you're wondering, I did have coffee on the back porch this morning for the first time this year. And yes, it tastes even better than inside. I drank 2 cups while I talked to Jesus and listened to the wind chimes all while wearing my pajamas. Perfection as far as I am concerned!

Tomorrow...herb & berry garden!

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Jada's Gigi said...

sounds absolutely delightful! Are you off all week to play in your yard? Wish I was!! My sister has taken on teh gargantuan task of "doing" my back yard. So far it si lovley and I'm relaly enjoying my mom's new yard swing! Also the gardenia bushes..they smell heavenly!