Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little old happy kind of day

1. Having Father's Day Dinner here.

2. That means today is a baking and preparing favorite kind of day!

3. I will be happily cleaning fresh green beans on the back porch.

4. Lemon squares and brownies into the oven shortly!

5. Flat iron steak, pilaf and Armenian bean salad on the menu.

6. Iced tea & lemonade!

7. Yard work done for the weekend.

8. Setting up the new patio furniture.

9. Mac goes back to work tomorrow; praying for & claiming a wonderful day for him.

10. Hope you have a little old happy kind of day too!

Image: Mac building his grandpa an Adirondack chair for Father's Day.


Odie Langley said...

I hope it is all you dream it will be my friend. We have no real plans except resting and Linda driving for the first time since her knee replacement. Have a great one.

Pat said...

Happy, happy!