Saturday, December 03, 2011

10 sentences

1. Placed my Hallmark Christmas card order last Sunday, I'm hearing that people started receiving their cards yesterday. Yay Hallmark!

2. Mac & I had a fun day decorating my parents' house for Christmas. I'm thankful that he has a servant's heart.

3. The Mr. & Mac surprised me by hanging Christmas lights outside! And the Mr. even went out and got the old fashioned big multi colored ones that I so love!

4. More than half of my Christmas shopping is done and I haven't set foot in a store. I lurv online shopping.

5. I'm in hair hell. I just got a new haircut and haven't had a good hair day since although it's a good cut. I think my perfect hairstyle has yet to be invented.

6. My mom got one of them Shark steamer moppers. I want one of them things too.

7. I'm working this weekend. That's all I've got to say about that.

8. The Henry Ford Health system is changing to standardized scrub colors, ceil blue for nurses. Simplicity is a lovely thing. After Christmas I shall buy 5 sets.

9. I asked the Mr. for a silver horizontal cross necklace for Christmas. Someone is probably going to need to help him with that. I am holding all of you responsible ;)

10. I have a deep sense of peace and joy this Christmas despite being scheduled to work. I know that is Jesus keeping my heart steadfast.

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