Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mint Green Cafeteria Lunch Trays

Day two of Christmas vacation has me waking up feeling more like "myself" than I have in a few weeks. Yesterday was devoted to wearing my pajamas and spending a shameful amount of time online looking at vintage Melmac. I may develop carpal tunnel from add to cart, remove from cart, add to cart. At the end of the day I told the Mr. that I had wasted an entire precious day off. He, having no particular issue with wasted time (wink); told me that it was a perfectly good way to spend the day and tomorrow I could kick it into gear if I so choose. And I do so choose.
After sleeping in until almost 9:00 this morning I have showered and thrown laundry in as well as running the dishwasher. Yes, I admit that I have visited E Bay and Etsy to check on the Melmac and....hold on to your hats...a bid I made on E bay. I hesitate to tell you about it as you will all be overcome with jealousy and rush to out bid me. I bid on a set of 16 mint green melmac cafeteria trays circa 1970s original used in a junior high in Michigan! That's right! Try to hold yourself back from rushing to outbid me! There was a moment when I showed the Mr. what I was up to and he may or may not have mentioned that perhaps, after all, I could find a less crazy way to spend my day. But I'm telling you, these trays are what I've been lacking and didn't even know it! I think they will be groovy for family dinners. I don't have a large enough dining room to seat the lot of us so we end up spreading out from kitchen table to eating on the sofa. They are perfect! And even if they aren't, I think they are funky fab. I'll keep you updated on the progress of the auction. Surprisingly, so far, there are only two bidders and I am the highest.
I do believe I will finish my cup of Starbucks and start Operation Clean This Gross House. Snow falling, housework calling. There's a song in there somewhere.
Signing off,
A Happy Homemaker in the Mitten aka The Lunch Tray Bandit

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