Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Laugh family!

Here's a site you can visit for the separate pieces in one of the things that makes me smile, this...
The black and white polka dot words (LAUGH in our case) are made of metal and the embellishments are magnets that can be purchased in holiday, seasonal or any other theme you can think of. We've added some Christmas stuff to our base. There are multiple bases you can buy that say everything from Family to Love to Laugh to whatever you can think of. You can use the magnets to hold pictures in place or just to make a statement as I've done here. The Our Story Wall Words line has hundreds of products that I can't even begin to list here. We bought ours at the Mole Hole in Marshall, MI and they have a huge selection.

This is a relatively inexpensive and fun way to express the character of your home and change it up when the mood strikes. They can be hung on a wall or you can purchase a base as we've done. I think it would make a great gift too and the recipient could add to it if they choose.

This might be a sweet gift for someone you are thinking of blessing this Christmas!

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Margie said...

now my wanter is turned up full blast! I found one that says 'love'!!!! Going to put it in my amazon cart until after Christmas!!