Thursday, December 08, 2011

A few updates and then...give me more stuff!

Whew, woke up with a doozy of a sinus headache this morning! I've got a busy day ahead so thank you Jesus for Sudafed! Another weekend of work is around the corner so I'm off tomorrow. My major plans are wrapping Christmas gifts and then to pick up a few items to round out my Christmas shopping. One of the items I ordered arrived and was not exactly what I had in mind but the good news is, it is exactly what Jay would like to give his girlfriend so it's all good.

The cold winds and flurries we've been experiencing in the Mitten have me thinking of soup and I think perhaps a big pot simmering on the stove will be the perfect addition to my wrapping day tomorrow. That's neither here nor there, just thought I'd share.

It seems that my Hallmark Christmas cards were delivered and according to the Mr.'s aunt, we look like movie stars. Thank you Kelly! LOL.

Oh! I know what I keep meaning to tell you! The shoe drive we have been working on together is going great! We have been able to give away shoes to every single patient in need and still have some in the clothing closet standing by. Every year at Christmas, leadership at my hospital draws names or has a white elephant gift exchange. This year it was decided that instead of any gift exchange among co-workers, we are requesting shoe donations to the clothing closet or money or gift cards for our petty cash fund to supply shoes & coats throughout the winter. Isn't that exciting!? Well I'm excited! I wish I could have captured on film the first young lady who asked if we had any shoes for her when we handed her a brand new pair of tennis shoes, still in the box that had been lovingly donated by Margie. "Are these new?, Oh my God these are brand new shoes? Oh thank you Jesus." I set out to do a better job of meeting a need but to see the feeling of restored dignity of someone getting a pair of shoes is both heartbreaking and exhilarating. What a privilege to be witness to God's grace through his creation.

Ok, then let's get real. The shoe drive is going great and I know we can keep the momentum going. We continue to need hoodies, sweatshirts and winter coats. But we are completely out of one item. Ahem. Well. We need bras. Yes, we need bras! Especially on our critical schizophrenia unit, most of the female patients do not have a bra. Do you need a bra to keep warm? No. But back to that feeling of restored dignity, it is important. We have patients who come out of their rooms with a blanket around their shoulders not because they are cold but because they are embarrassed. All sizes are needed but obviously, the larger the woman is the more a bra is necessary. I don't mean to be blunt but it is what it is! Actually, I don't mind being blunt. Again, new is nice but used is absolutely fine. I have a theory that most ladies have at least a few bras that don't use. So.....we need bras. And while I'm at it, underwear too.

Time to get a move on and start this day! New residents starting work at Kingswood so I am co-teaching recipient rights this morning, then teaching restraint use to new hires, then have a welcome luncheon with the new residents, then teaching new hires about infection control and in between, being a manager! Manicure this evening and I'm guessing when I finally arrive back home I'll be tired and ready for my Friday off.

Have a blessed day and send me your bras!

Image: Our Christmas lights!


Margie said...

I almost cried right here at my desk!

Working on bras and undies! I'll start checking clearence racks at stores!!!!

can they be sports bras? they usually come 3 to a pack and can fit a 'variety' of sizes? Hold up well, etc, not fancy, but they do the job and give good support!

I also have clothes for you... someone donated them to me, they are like BRAND NEW! God told my friend who just bought new clothes to donate them!

Ginger said...

Sara, I've been wanting to talk to you about the shoe project. Will you write to me at Thanks!