Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy am I

Good Monday morning from a very tired me. Worked the weekend and the kid's unit was rather a hot mess, as we say in the business. Stressful, busy and difficult. With much prayer and amazing staff, word is this morning that overnight the unit settled down and there were no problems. Thank you Jesus!
So today is my day off and I have much housework to do. Don't cry for me Argentina, I like being home with much housework. I could think of home projects forever and a day. Mac wants to make a gingerbread house. I need to get organized for my baking which I think will officially commence next weekend. Laundry awaits. Mac built Jay book cases for Christmas which are hidden in my bedroom so I think I'll try to wrap those suckers and get them out of there. All of the rest of my gift wrapping is done and I am waiting for only two more packages to be delivered, one of which has shipped from my good friends at LL Bean.
Daboyz spent several hours "rock climbing" on Saturday. They started off with lessons at some place in Pontiac and then spent the rest of the afternoon practicing. These two certainly spend a lot of time together, texting and talking on the phone for two people who can't stand one another. They invited their dad along. He declined. Smart, since it is almost the season when he falls on the exact same spot of ice on the driveway every morning. He needs to save his strength for that. They rock climb, he driveway falls. Similar hobbies.
The Mr. bought an air mattress this weekend at the Sear's outlet. $50 which is quite a good deal considering what they are listed for elsewhere. This is for Jay, who spends the night every Christmas Eve. We only have two bedrooms and despite their closeness, daboyz are not interested in sleeping in the same bed. So it was blown up and given a trial run and declared awesome. Of course, we were informed by both of the kids that eventually, we will need to be prepared for their future wives and children spending Christmas Eve as well. Frankly, I doubt their wives will be interested in the Christmas Eve Smith Family Camp Out but it's nice that daboyz think it's such a grand idea. I guess they plan on marrying orphans who have no families of their own to see on the holidays. You can't have that conversation with them, they cannot imagine being with "strangers" for the holidays. Ahh, how life will change for them!
Do you find a shortage of Christmas movies this year? Unless I'm missing something, other than Hallmark movies, the old classics are no where to be found. We watched A Christmas Carol (the 1980s version) and It's A Wonderful Life as well as Rudolph and Santa Clause is Coming To Town however, I cannot find Christmas In Connecticut, White Christmas, Holiday Inn and the like. If you live in the Mitten and know when these are showing, please let me know! I cannot bear to watch them on DVD. I need the special catching it when it's on experience.
Another cup of coffee is calling my name and the laundry does not fold itself (a fact which the Mr. has not grasped.) Stay warm and get your Christmas on, it only comes once a year!


Margie said...

You can't bear to watch them on DVD??? that, my friend, is very weird! I have white christmas on DVD if you want to borrow it, if you can seem to get through it :) LOL

Debra said...

Heh.... Ditto what Margie said. :)

I knew someone else online who can't bear to watch dvd's and well, uhm, I don't get it(?) What's the bad part of not having to sit through annoying commercials and being able to see the missing parts tv stations have been cutting out for years due to time constraints?

And ya gotta love special features, don't you, where they tell you how the movie came to be and what was happening behind the scenes, etc... well, don't ya? :)

Could you write a post, please, to explain to Margie and me about the psychology of why you (and some others out there) don't like dvd's? I have a sweet collection of Christmas dvd's and they are so special to me, especially when I can pull them out anytime of the year and have Christmas fun whenever I want.

Curiouser and curiouser.....hmm... Debra :)