Monday, December 05, 2011

Lazy Monday

It's a cloudy Michigan morning here in the Mitten. The temperature is a balmy 38F and the sky is overcast. An excellent napping day, as you can see. Above we have the Mr. and Donny hunkered in for a mid morning catnap. Why not move slowly and do some lazing when you can? There aren't that many moments available. I'm off today and doing some housework and Christmas gift wrapping. The Mr. took the day off (why is unclear, so far nappage is pretty much the main focus.) Actually, the poor guy fell off the ladder when he was hanging lights outside so he's sore. I guess he's earned a little couch time.
I really dislike shopping and this year I've done everything online so far. I just love getting those packages on the front porch! There are a few items I'll still need to go out and get but I am almost done. Now I am being smart and wrapping every day so I don't have to do a marathon all night wrapping frenzy. Plus, why not enjoy those pretty packages under the tree?
Well, it is late morning and I remain in my pajamas so I guess I need to do a little bit more than Donny & the Mr. if I'm going to get my list checked off. Days off are much shorter than work days :)
Whatever is on your list today, try to find a place to relax and enjoy the moment.

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Pat said...

I hope Dean didn't hurt himself to badly when he fell off the ladder!
I'm about to take some serious nappage my self!